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2cee at COCOMO forum

Sat Nov 10 14:12:39 PST 2007

Dr. Jairus Hihn (JPL), Prof. Tim Menzies (WVU), and Karen Lum were highly visible at the 22nd International Forum on COCOMO and Systems/Software Cost Modeling where they made two presentations describing their research results (2cee: A 21st Century Effort Estimation Methodology and STAR: a novel solution to the local tuning problem), demoed 2cee at the tools fair (where Karen lost her voice because of the level of interest) and participated in two panel sessions one of which was on the Future of Cost Estimation.

2cee is available for free to U.S. government agencies, universities, and companies on official government contract. To request a license and copy of 2cee, send an email to with your name, citizenship, and affiliation.