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Tim Menzies

Director, RAISE lab, "Real-world AI for SE":
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"Less... but better!"

I simplify seemingly complex things (examples).
So what thing can I simplify for you?


Computer Science
NC State, USA
890 Oval Dr, Raleigh, NC, 27695-8206
Office : 3298, EB2, map
: 304-376-2859
: 919-515-7896


Dec 25: Now TOSEM distinquished referee, 2011 to 2016. More...

Dec 22: Invited to SSBSE'18 program committee.

Dec 18: New paper, on-line "Discovering relevant API methods". More...

Dec 14: Accepted to TSE: 'Sampling' as a Baseline Optimizer 4 SBSE. More...

Dec 13: Accepted to ICSE'18: Is 'Better Data' Better? More...

Dec 11: Photos: Data-driven Search-based SE, Japan, Dec'17. More...

Dec 11: Accepted to EMSE: Finding Better Active Learners for Faster Literature Reviews. More...

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