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Prof, Com Sci, NC State, USA
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I explore SE, data mining, AI, search-based SE, open access science.
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I am looking for motivated graduate students to explore applied AI, search-based SE, data mining. Is that you?
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I've many years experience, managing research projects. Ask me how to innovate. On time. On budget.
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My Research Goals

In this era of software systems that seem to grow ever more complex, it is wise to ask "is that complexity really needed?".

I think, to a large extent, it is not. The clue here is that, many times, it has been reported that seemingly complex systems can be modeled and summarized to a much simpler structures.

Why is that so? What it their exists certain constraints that simplifies exploration of the world. And we can exploit those contrainst so simplify complex tasks like:

My Funding

For a detailed list of my funding, see here.

In summary, while exploring the above ideas, I have won over $7 million in competitive grants from:

  • The National Science Foundation;
  • NASA;
  • the US Defence Deparrment;
  • the US National Archives.
  • and other sources

Some of that funding has been in the form of "gifts" (i.e. undirected research); or research contracts (i.e. with fixed deliverables) or STTRs (Small Business Technology Transfer).

Brief Bio

Tim Menzies (Ph.D., UNSW, 1995) is a full Professor in CS at North Carolina State University where he teaches software engineering and automated software engineering. His research relates to synergies between human and artificial intelligence, with particular application to data mining for software engineering.

He is the author of over 230 referred publications; and is one of the 100 most cited authors in software engineering out of over 80,000 researchers (http://goo.gl/BnFJs). In his career, he has been a lead researcher on projects for NSF, NIJ, DoD, NASA, USDA, as well as joint research work with private companies.

Prof. Menzies is the co-founder of the PROMISE conference series devoted to reproducible experiments in software engineering (http://openscience.us/repo). He is an associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Empirical Software Engineering, the Automated Software Engineering Journal and the Software Quality Journal. In 2015, he served as co-chair for the ICSE'15 NIER track. In 2016, he serves as co-general chair of ICMSE'16. For more, see his vita (http://goo.gl/8eNhYM) or his list of publications https://goo.gl/qNQAIq) or his home page http://menzies.us.

About me

I'm a full professor (in computer science). My Ph.D. is from UNSW, Australia, 1995.

In a former life I was the SE research chair at NASA, 2002-2003.

I now work at NC State where...

In my career:

As to my service to the academic community:


I'm author/editor of some books on software analytics:

More importantly...

I'm married to Helen Burgess who claims she's not Batman but I've never seen her and Bruce Wayne in the same room at the same time so....

In my time, I've been a nurse/ taxi-driver/ rocket scientist/ newspaper editor/ lecturer.... (what can I say? It all made sense at the time).

I got to NcState after a Ph.D. at UNSW, Sydney, 1995, then some time working with NASA (early last decade) and the University of British Columbia. Then there was some free lance research for two years at Portland and six years at West Virginia University (go 'eers).



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